Holidays in the french Ardêche


We have 6 caravans for rent, parked at a beautiful site near the hamlet of Ajoux that is situated some 15 kilometers west of Privas which is not far from Valence and Montelimar.
The caravans are stylishly decorated and well equiped: chairs, table, couch, wood stove, fridge, gas cooker, radio, CD player, one large double bed. Next to the caravan you can put up a small tent for kids. In front there is a little terrace with chairs and table.
Cars can get to the caravans for (un)loading luggage and groceries. Long term parking is nearby. Classic cars, motorcycles and bicycles are allowed near the caravans.
We have a small pool and a bar the same size. Possibly the best bar in the Ardeche. The overall sphere is very relaxed and we have as little rules as possible; don't feed the dog and don't bother anybody else.


Rental Rates

520 € per week for 2 persons in july and august. Before and after that 450 € per week. 3rd en 4th person 9 € p.p.p.d. Prices include pool, showers, gaz and electricity.
For a reservation you can call us or send an e-mail. If the desired period is available then send us a downpayment of 250 €.

Traditional camping costs 22 € per night for 2 persons (really big tents 28 € per night), extra person 9 €. Electricity 2 € pn if available on the spot you choose. Anything else except Great Food and drinks is included.

Our datcha is for rent also. Room for 4 à 5 people. 2 double beds, large eating table, kitchen and charming balcony. 810 € for 7 days. For pictures see DATCHA elsewhere on this web site.



We modified our Bar and now you can rent it as a gîte which means it is a complete house with plenty of space (inside and out). Newly installed small bathroom. Fully equipped kitchen. At the moment it can only sleep 4 but you can put up a tent (or 2) next to the building so you can come as a group of max. 8 people. The pool is at only 20 meters. Rent it for 870 € (4 people).

The Ardèche - How to get there

The Ardèche has been a popular destination for decades. Recreational possibilities in the region are almost unlimited. Hundreds of miles of 'green routes' (scenic roads is what Michelin calls them) for sportscars tourists, motorcyclists, cyclists and hikers. In the nearby vicinity you can rent canoes or go horse riding or fishing. And of course plenty of good restaurants in all categories. See Kees and a mate riding their motorsickels in Kees' backyard on Youtube: The road to Privas

How to get there 
From Paris to Lyon, on to Valence and Loriol. Near Loriol you leave the Autoroute A7 (or the N86 or the N7) and you go to Privas through the 'Vallée de l'Ouvèze'. In Privas straight on direction of Aubenas on the N 104. After 10 kilometers you turn right direction Mont-Gerbier, Saint- Joseph.
This is the D122. After 2 kilometers on the D122 you turn right to Ajoux. You don't go to Ajoux but you make a sharp turn to the left at the first crossing. Follow the signs 'RoulotteS' . The last possibility to visit a super market (Intermarché) is in Privas on the way to Chomerac.

There is always something going on in Ajoux. Here we test watersports possibilities of our pool.

The Frazer Nash club visits the Ardèche and stays at RoulotteS AuthentiqueS in Ajoux.

Rick's is almost 6 meters long! Each year he shows up a few times with his Cadillac Sedan de Ville. Our Chevy - smiling in the background - likes that too. 




This amazing beauty is Annabel (Annatrésbelle really) who does her best Lovely Gipsy Women from those printed Paintings from the 50's  imitation. We photographed her at our place with our gipsy caravans as background.

More Annatrésbelle at Sales; Model P


For more information about the Ardéche

Please give us a ring (yes we speak english too) and tell us when you want to come and how long you want to stay. 0033.475.66.80.34


Guus our very social and terribly funny german shepherd is going to have babies. They are expected halfway june. About a week later they will start discovering the world (a few meters further from our house every day...) and they will chase women in long skirts and folks with laced shoes. Both parents are pure race German Shepperds but have no papers (we already have a lot of paperwork in this country).
Don't worry, our dogs have 'cured' a lot of guests that were afraid of dogs. If you love dogs and you promise us they will have a good live you can maybe buy one. The picture shows Guus as a puppy.