Garden house - Small basic roulotte

Side entrance, 2 persons bed, small kitchen. Rounded roof with a pipe for a stove. Simple chassis, two wheels. Length 540 cm (the roof is 600 cm) x 215 cm. Height 290 cm. Price 12.000 Ä without taxes and tranport. No bed , no kitchen? We ' ll make it shorter and less expensive. Options double wall with insulation, double glass windows and a chassis with papers.

Verandah Teahouse etc.

We do get a lot of e-mail about the datcha. People would love to buy one but nice bits of land where you are allowed to build are very hard to find and very expensive too. And then there are civil servants who decide that the datcha is not Ďin the style of the regioní (donít bring your gun). Of course if you persist and you use our very neutral Ďchalet designsí you will succeed sooner or later but it is indeed rather complicated. A simple way around all this is to construct something no bigger than 20 m2, then you donít need a building permit, you donít need an architect and if you have some tools and you are a little bit handy you donít need a contractor either because it will be very easy to put up. You can attach it to your house as an extra room or you can put it in the back of your garden as a tea house. This house is of modular design (panels with or without windows, 86 cm or 50cm large and 210 cm high) so you have a lot of possibilities. The backwall will be very much like the inside walls of the datcha and it will have a door so you can add a bedroom or a kitchen later (when nobody is watching). We plan to put it on 30 cm poles so we supply stairs as well. Price around 15 000 euro tax included. Let us know what you want and what you think of it.

woonwagen camper
Different camper

Modern caravans are usually very ugly and most campers look like big white rolling fridges that polute landscapes all over the world. But campers donít have to be ugly as our sketches show. Indeed this one has a gipsy caravan entrance at the back and that means you can put big things like motorcycles into it. Most of the furniture is detachable so you can use your camper as a van outside the season.

gipsy camper

Sea side piers

An other thing we would love to do is reconstruct classic seaside piers. Most have disapeared thanks to two world wars, fires and heavy storms and often these were not replaced at all or replaced by something ugly and/or modern (if not the same thing). The french are still very good at making zinc roofs, our czech carpenters are ready to rock & roll and no doubt the chinese can send us all kinds of cast iron accesories. We are convinced that a nice classic seaside pier can be a first class tourist attraction anywhere in Europe and probably in the States too.

Now all we need is an investor. Anyone out there?