Because we build and sell an exceptional product we have exceptional clients. We will here introduce you to some of them. For the latest news check our Facebook; Les Roulottes du Travers


A few years ago we build a Model B for monsieur Gillet who is quite a perfectionist (which is rather unusual in France) and that is why it took him a while to get everything ready for renting out. In a shed next to the caravan he build a bathroom and a kitchen so the roulotte can still be moved around according to the seasons (shade - sun?). The roulotte can be found on a peninsula near Saint Hilaire La Palud at the french west coast and according to monsieur Gillet that is one of the most beautiful spots in the world (they all say that, even we say that but then we talk about the Ardeche and our place in Ajoux in particular). You can contact monsieur Gillet at 33 (0)6 87 43 08 42 or by mail: jeanpierregillet79@gmail.com


Recently we delivered a caravan at Hollands best known swingers club Fun4two near Gouda. Guests come from far sometimes and like to stay over and now they can stay in this fancy caravan. Owner Laurens is putting on some gold paint and his assistant is adding some pink touches. Apparently the guys are having a good time but this is of course not what they mean by fun for two.





Another very fancy roulotte went to the Chateau de Peyrolles (www.chateaudepeyrolles.com) near Apt in the south of France where is was rented immediately. It is a 4 persons roulotte and features a small bathroom, the living is in the middle. The roulotte is near the pool and offers a view at the chateau. If the roulotte is already rented then there is a choice of 5 gites. This is one of the many good rewards of this business; our roulottes end up at the most beautiful spots and then get decorated inside and out with great care and taste.




Even more colours!
Simone is not afraid of colors either. At first we were not to enthusiastic about it but now we like it. She ordered her caravan, paid for it with the help of 2 friends (is that called time sharing?), got it 2 months later and had it delivered in Ajoux at our place where she now has an affordable holiday home in the south of France.

Can't get a building permission?
It is a familiar story by now; a building permit is hard or even impossible to get for all kinds of reasons and then our caravans are a logical choice if you don't like mobil homes.
Both caravans feature a side entrance so you can 'divide' the caravan into three parts; cupboard bed on the left, living in the middle and the bathroom on the right. Hotel Maison de Mézos can be found between Biarritz en Bordeaux. Thanks to a little publicity the 2 caravans were already fully booked before delivery!
If I was the minister of tourism these folks would get a medal too. 

The nicest waiting-room in Switzerland
A friendly dentist in Geneva ordered a caravan from us that he now uses as
a waiting room. This way it doesn't hurt to visit your dentist.

Electricity is supplied by 2 solar panels; 2 batteries and a converter (12 - 220V) and so the fridge works full time, they can use the lap top and they can even watch the tellie at night.

Bey-bey mr Taxman!
The folks in the picture are Prem and Baukje and they have sold just about anything they had in Holland including their ship and tattoo shop. Like all our new caravans theirs too was build in the Czech Republic and later modified in Holland (better brakes and some parts were strengthened). Then some test rides in Holland and Belgium; the caravan was finally okay but the little Unimog truck used to much fuel (1 litre every 3 kilometers) so it was sold. Their first tractor was not powerfull enough and the brakes couldn't cope with the 3500 kilo's on the long slopes in the Ardennes and then the shit really hit the caravan (kind off). The freshly restored Fendt tractor does the job really well. They travel at 20 mph and so they only needed 6 days from the heart of Holland to our place in the french Ardeche. On the road people react very positive. Thumbs go up all the time even from drivers who can't overtake right away, at every stop they can sell both the tractor and the caravan. No way, they 've only just begun. At the moment they are travelling in Spain and Portugal where they plan to spend the summer. But if they don't like it there they may very well move on to Greece or even India. Keep checking this site for news.

Les Roulottes de Manon
Our clients got Taste! We love designing and selling caravans but what we love even better is seeing what our clients do with it.
They usually end up at beautiful locations both for personal use and for rent.
Most people already have quite a bit of furniture that really fits our gypsy caravans, others go shopping at brocantes and others just buy new stuff as is the case with the Roulottes de Manon.
We especially liked the interior of this model B. Les Roulottes de Manon are for rent in a beautiful area north of Paris.
Find more information about the Oise and the caravans at

This caravan can (not) be found near St. Nazaire at the Atlantic Coast.
It is used as a studio as well as a hide out for a quiet afternoon nap.


Artist Antoine near Deauville-Trouville

ordered an extra long caravan with small bathroom and kitchen. The caravan is for rent this summer. He already had two old caravans, two english busses and an american Airstream.


A caravan in the Camarque
We build a very luxurious caravan with a side entrance for the Mas de la Fouque(.com). This fancy hotel is situated near Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camarque where all french gipsies get together each year in May (no need to go there to see original caravans – there will be only 1 or 2 – but the music is great). The caravan features an extra large 1.80m bed and a 4m2 bathroom.

Unimog Freedom ...
This caravan is owned by dutchman Hans Kwakkenbos who travels with his family in Holland and Germany. Their caravan does not have papers but his classic Unimog truck has tractor papers and then it is legal. Take your time and be prepared for hundreds of questions from people who like the way you travel.

Workshop before and after
The lady in the north of Holland who uses her caravan as a fine arts workshop - she produces beautiful quilts - send us a letter to say that the garden where we put her caravan has changed quite a bit in the past 4 years. Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures and be amazed. We love it!

This caravan was put in a garden of a lovely wooden house near Gent in Belgium. A plastic mobil home wasn’t an option at all.

Sandra B loves colours!

With RAL codes for all the parts we painted it directly in her favourite colors.
Their kid learned to play the drums in it.

A small kitchen was installed later by a local carpenter. If you want something similar we can put that in right away. Call us for other options.

Hotel Extension!
A hotelkeeper in the west of Holland could not get a building permission for some extra rooms so he ordered two caravans. In july we placed both caravans (special hotel model) in his backyard, which was quite a job because the gate was 40 centimeter to low.
The local plumber installed toilets and showers while the hotel owner and his wife did the interior decorating. Renting started in august (an hour after it was finished) and a majority of guests prefer the caravans to regular hotel rooms. If you are planning a visit to the historic centre of Delft we highly recommend this charming little hotel and 'our caravans' in particular.
Hotel Emauspoort, Vrouwenregt 10-11, 2611 KK in Delft.
www.emauspoort.nl  Phone: 0031-15-2190219. 
Hotel- and campsite owners who consider 
the purchase of gipsy caravans should read their guest books!

We have build and sold almost 80 caravans so far and they can be found in Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Spain. If you can't visit us in Ajoux (France) we can try to arrange a visit to a caravan that is near to you.

We are in this bisnis since 1996 and things are going very well (thank you). At our diner table we often make jokes about flying gipsy caravans - ‘look over there, a flying gipsy caravan!’ and then steal some chips from the nearest plate - but we now know for a fact; they do exist!

This one was spotted some 60 feet above La Colle sur Loup near Nice on june the 18th. The entrance to the estate was not wide enough and so the caravan was lifted by a crane over a wall and a row of trees. The whole operation took about an hour and a half and our caravan survived without a scratch.
On the spot a local ‘peintre artiste’ has done some more decorating and a shower and a toilet were installed.

This one was spotted some 60 feet above La Colle sur Loup near Nice on june the 18th. The entrance to the estate was not wide enough and so the caravan was lifted by a crane over a wall and a row of trees. The whole operation took about an hour and a half and our caravan survived without a scratch.
On the spot a local ‘peintre artiste’ has done some more decorating and a shower and a toilet were installed.
Future clients near Nice can visit this caravan ‘sur rendez-vous’.

This dutch couple moved to France some 12 years ago
and they bought 3 caravans from us that are for rent.
If you want quietness in your holidays then this is the place. The small farm and the caravans are near Clermont-Ferrand.
Tel. 0033 470 56 43 18