Your new caravan was made with lots of love and knowledge. There is more than 25 years experience in it. We restored our first old caravan in 1990 and we started building new caravans in 1995.
By now we have build and sold some 80 caravans and the quality is excellent but of course caravans need some maintenance too.
-Your new caravan needs one more layer of stain. We advice the shiny stains both inside and outside.
- Make sure your caravan is parked level (horizontal) so all doors and windows open easily.
- Don’t leave your caravan some place outside for half a year. Parking your caravan inside in wintertime is the best you can do and means you have less maintenance to do. At our place they are outside all year round which is not a problem, it is just a little bit more work.
- Moisture can kill your caravan. Buy something that absorbs moisture or put in a bowl with half salt and half rice and change this when necessary.
- Be careful with old stoves. Make sure they are safe (no holes from rust) and make sure the hot pipe does not touch the wood anywhere!
- Some ventilation and heating from time to time is good for your caravan.
- Keep the gutters clean and the 4 pipes open especially in autumn and winter.
- If ever there is a leak you must act quickly. If you can’t then put a plastic sheet over it. On older caravans the small windows in the middle roof are kept in place by quarter round slats. This may cause problems. I suggest you change the horizontal ones at the bottom by old fashioned putty.
- Tires last a long time. There is no need to prop the caravan and put covers in front of the wheels. Buy a foot pump at Halfords and inflate the tires once or twice a year (2,5 to 3 atm).
- Keep an eye on paint and stain. Sand it lightly and put on a fresh coat of paint when necessary (once a year on older caravans - you too can do the whole caravan in 1 day). Buy good paint on white spirit base.
- With the right maintenance a caravan can last a lifetime (we have 2 caravans that are 65+ years old here in France) while it will probably keep its value and the model does not become obsolete either!
Enjoy that beautiful caravan!