The first datcha is still standing proudly at our site in Ajoux in the french Ardeche. It is decorated too and you can come to visit it anytime but please call us first.

This ‘small’ datcha has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in between. The big balcony will become part of the living room on warm days.

All datchas will have isolated ‘double’ walls and all windows are made from thermo glass. Stairs, balconyfloor, outside doors, windowframes and shutters are all made of oak, the rest is made of good quality pine.

Putting it up was only 10 days work for 3 persons, the next houses can be build even quicker. The dacha in the photos is for sale at 45.000 € without tax, transport etc.

We are working on nr 2 that will be less heavy and more ‘elegant’ and we hope to start construction of the datcha de luxe soon (it is the big model with a 100 square meters instead of 50).

The Datcha de Luxe comes fresh of the drawing board and is 12.50 m large and 8.40m deep. Living room and kitchen measure together almost 19 m² and feature classic panelling from the floor to the ceiling.

The luxurious bathroom is 7 m² and the 3 bedrooms 10 m² in average.

Because we are designing in a modular way your datcha can easily be made smaller or bigger.

For more information visit this site every once in a while or simpy call us.

"Dr Zhivago has just left the building but he may be back next week. We hope he 'll bring Julie Christie.”