We design, build and sell dutch style 1950's gypsy caravans since 1995 and so far we build 80 caravans. It started as a hobby (of course) and after we restored our first caravan people started asking if it was for sale, rent etc. It soon showed that there weren't enough old caravans left to buy and restore so the idea of building new ones came up. We didn't cut corners and we didn't re-invent the wheel. Our caravans are made the same way they did 60 years ago. Some pictures were shown on the Tiny House Listing's Facebook page recently and response was enormous. We teamed up with Wally and Victoria Roth of in Oregon but they decided it is time to retire.

So now we are looking for a 'new’ medium size workshop in the US. As the only American shop they will have the right to build exact copies of our roulottes. Our caravans are build in the Czech Republic and transport costs to the States start at around 8000 $ so it doesn't make much sense to ship our caravans to the other side of the world. So if you want to build caravans contact me: We 'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.